Friday, August 3, 2012

SCCM 2012 Console Manual Installation methods

We can install Console from the SCCM 2012 installation Setup wizard or by using the stand alone tool - Consolesetup.exe

Let’s see the options

  1. As Shown below we have to enable the check box to get SCCM console installed along with SCCM installation.




2. in case if we miss to enable the above checkbox or if we need to install console in other PC’s then we have can use stand-alone tool called consolesetup.exe.

Prior to Console Installation make sure you have admin right on the computer and .net framework 4 is installed.

We can find stand-alone tool called consolesetup.exe in 2 locations

(1) From SCCM 2012 installation media files -  ConfigMgrSourceFiles>\smssetup\bin\I386

(2) From the site server - \tools\ConsoleSetup


Copy 2 files - AdminConsole.MSI file and ConsoleSetup.exe from any of the above mentioned location to local system (as shown below I coped it to folder D:\consolesetup).We can trigger the installation from any of the above file either exe or msi but I noticed ConsoleSetup.exe is better option because it created console installation log file in the location C:\ by default.


Let’s start the installation using consolesetup.exe.


There are many switches that can be used for unattended installation. For more details refer -

Click Next...

As shown below Supply the FQDN of the SCCM site server to connect...Example –

Mention the installation path as show blow...


Troubleshooting logs:

SCCM console installation log can be found on C: \ drive - ConfigmgrAdminUISetup.log. This log will help to troubleshoot issues related to console installation.


Most of the Issues with the SCCM console connectivity can be traced in the SMSAdminUI.log file. The SMSAdminUI.log file is located in the \AdminUI\AdminUILog directory. This Log will help to troubleshoot any SCCM console connectivity issue with Server.



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